Spader Clothing

28 Jan

Spader Clothing Australia

A few weeks ago I was kicking back at a friend’s barbecue where I caught up with James Campbell – aka DJ Rush. Rush’s latest project isn’t in vinyl – it’s in apparel. Together with business partners John Ruman and Anthony Withers, Rush is a director of Spader Clothing Australia, better known as Spader.

Spader is inspired by the Holy Trinity of Australian street culture: music; surf; and skate. With its casual effortlessness and its progressive interplay between logo and typography, Spader’s 2009 tees and singlet tops are the item du jour for savvy scenesters everywhere. Hell, even mash-up maestro Z-Trip was caught rocking out in Spader threads during his Australian tour earlier this month.

The Spader aesthetic is a fresh mix of boldness and simplicity. Scope out Spader’s Summer 2009 range in the gallery below and to keep up-to-date with all the Spader shenanigans visit their website and blog.



One Response to “Spader Clothing”

  1. Bingo Bongo May 1, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    Spader? really?

    old font – check
    shit logo – check
    1 square jawed wanker to pretend he does something – check

    great, the company is formed…

    good luck cunts…you’ll need it to actually sell stuff outside of your home state

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