Polaroid’s Instant-Print PoGo Digital Camera

20 Jan

Polaroid's PoGo Instant-Print Digital Camera

Polaroid, best known for their recently discontinued instant film camera, has unveiled the PoGo – a new digital camera that will print a full colour 2 x 3 inch photograph in under 60 seconds directly from the camera body. The PoGo is a little boxier in comparison to most point-and-shoots with its camera specs. The 7-megapixel camera/printer measures 12cm wide by 7.62cm high by 3.3cm deep and weighs 283 grams (and that’s without paper, battery or SD card). There’s a 3-inch LCD on the back and controls are, reportedly, very simple. The PoGo uses Polaroid’s zero ink 2×3 paper – the LCD simply pops up and you have space for a deck of 10 sheets.

Of course, if crisp digital instant-print images go against your yearning for all things retro, you can always use the Poladroid software I reported on earlier.

[via cnet]


One Response to “Polaroid’s Instant-Print PoGo Digital Camera”

  1. Chris July 9, 2009 at 3:09 am #

    Does anybody know if the pictures from the PoGo last well? I know that traditional polaroid pictures faded over time. Does this print with the same technology that will result in ultimately fading?

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