Spike Jonze’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is Complete! (Well, sort of)

19 Nov

Spike Jonze and a frame from 'Where the Wild Things Are'

Spike Jonze has assured fans that his much delayed and highly anticipated opus, Where the Wild Things Are, is still on track to to be released – someday. In an epic interview with Aint It Cool News, Jonze states that editing on the movie was completed three weeks ago and all special effects should be finished by May, in time for the movie’s planned release on 16 October. The movie, filmed just outside of Melbourne, combines live action, suitmation, animatronics and CGI. Predictably, the soundtrack will be hot:  Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is helping to write the film’s score.


Where the Wild Things Are is, of course, based on the classic children’s book by Maurice Sendak. The film was originally announced several years ago, and set for an October ’08 release. But as Jonze describes – stuff sort of happened:

“From the beginning, I told the studio, ‘I don’t think this is gonna be a movie for four-year-olds’. And I think they said ‘Oh, okay,’ but I think that when they saw it, that’s another … you know, that’s something else … It’s sort of like they were expecting a boy and I gave birth to a girl. So they just needed their time to sort that out and figure out how they were going to learn to love their new daughter.”

Read the full Aint It Cool News interview here.

[via New York Magazine]


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