Everyone I’ve Ever Slept With Pillowcase

22 Oct


Do you have a little black book that you use to catalogue your sexual exploits? Well, throw it away and buy this pillow case instead! In 1995, British artist Tracey Emin exhibited “Everyone I’ve Ever Slept With 1963-1995”, a tent that had the names of everyone Emin had slept with appliquéd onto its interior surface. Fastforward to 2008 and Emin has designed the “Everyone I’ve Slept With Pillowcase”. This screenprinted and embroidered pillowcase is lined and ruled to keep your handwriting neat – hell, there’s even enough room to incorporate a rating system! All you’ll need is a Sharpie. The pillowcase is available for purchase online at the Institute of Contemporary Art here. Word of advice: if you’re a Lohiltney type, you may need to buy in bulk…


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